Hugs and Cuddles and Stacking Firewood

I have to admit that sometimes the twins can be more than a bit annoying. Yes, they are little angels 99.99% of the time but sometimes they go through phases when they do get a bit annoying.

The phase the twins are currently in was annoying…until I changed my perspective. See they are both really clingy. Brown Bear is not happy unless she is being held by my Sweetheart and Blonde Bear is not happy unless she is in my arms.

That is all sweet and nice sounding but when I am trying to prepare a presentation for work, type a blog post, make dinner or change her sister’s poopy diaper, well, you can see how this could get annoying.

Hugs and Cuddles
Hugs and Cuddles

And it is not like they will just stand there while I am trying to do something. No. Blonde Bear arches her back into a wild curve backwards and throws herself on the floor all the while wailing like her heart is being broken.

Lovable and yet annoying.

I have made a personal attitude adjustment to deal with this situation. Being a dirt farmer from way-back, every summer and fall we had to cut, spilt and stack firewood for the coming winter. If we did not store enough firewood we could expect to be cold come winter time.

Now, instead of seeing the girls’ need for being held as annoying (particularly when I am trying to complete some important task) I see the hugs, cuddles and love I get as an opportunity to stack up some metaphorical firewood for the coming years.

I understand that there might come a time in the girls’ lives when they don’t want to hug me the way that they do now. So now I am stocking up on hugs and cuddles for the coming winter days when their hugs might be more infrequent.


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