Hybrid Gas Guzzlers


When you see these sorts of signs on the sides or rear ends of gas guzzling behemoths, what are your thoughts?

Do your thoughts change when you see a single senior getting in or out of the vehicle?

Do you wonder why they are driving such a large, gas guzzling behemoth?


  1. … actually I dont’ wonder. I think I know. Which of course means… I’m just guessing. Most people equate safety with armor and what suit of auto armor an SUV is vs say a more practical older person vehicle like a honda fit, or a yaris, or matrix. Those cars are pretty practical for most peoples needs but outside of safety I think is ego. Cars are like the “ultimate expression of who I am” it says a lot more to me that a person thinks they are a this kinda or that kinda car person. I’m a 6′ 250lb tech guy and I personally would drive one of those tiny smart cars if they had the right tech in them… and I could go to ike and grab stuff. Soo yes I look down on people who drive SUVs sadly I think it’s worse when I see them in poor neighborhoods… cause we all know that money could be better spent than on gas.

    • It’s late and I’m sleepy so excuse my spelling errors. I meant “go to Ikea” even though I don’t I meant for trips of that sort.

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