In Real Life Cancer Sucks

Awhile ago I wrote a little blog post about a friend of mine who found out that he had cancer. I wrote about how his situation reminded me of the 1980s show thirtysomething where one of the characters got cancer.

On the show thirtysomething the woman beat her cancer and the show was cancelled before the cancer had a chance to come back.

Real life is very different. In real life cancer does not follow a tv viewing season and go into remission so that the audience will return at the start of the next season. Cancer does whatever it wants, whenever it wants.

Tomorrow morning I will attend my friend’s funeral. Less than six months after finding out there was a nasty and vicious little lump in the middle of his brain, my friend has died.


  1. Stacey,

    I am deeply sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. Cancer is one of the most terrible things in this world and it happens to too many people we care about. You are in my thoughts.


  2. Sorry to hear of your friend Stacey. I remember watching Thirty-Something when the character had a serious cancer, as I was going through 5 months of chemotherapy at the same time. I laughed at the dark humour, when “Nancy” was trying on expensive boots, and the sales clerk told her that “These boots will last you for your entire life” – to which Nancy deadpans… “That doesn’t say much for your boots.”

    Cancer is a very personal illness. Some people react, some don’t. My friend Brandy blogged her experience

    Our departed friends still live in our hearts, and that is the measurement of how much they touched our lives.

    • I came across my friend’s contact info in my phone today and was completely stumped about what to do; delete it? Seems so cold. I have an email that I was about to send to him that is in the drafts file…what do you do with these things?

      Thanks for sharing your experiences.

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