Is Soda an American Word?

It is amusing to see what kind of things light people up. Language is one of the things that I discovered can really light people up.

An example of this? The other day, just out of the blue I said that wanted to pop into the store to get a “soda.” I used the word “soda” for no good reason. I just said it rather randomly.

The reaction I received was visceral. “That is an American word. In Canada we say POP.” Yikes.

After that reaction I decided to begin an experiment. I have been using the word “soda” everywhere I go. And by and large, people get outraged by the word! It is the funniest thing.

Are there words to you that are “American” words? Are there Canadian-only words? Care to add your words to this list?


  1. I’m having a visceral response to this … not the word soda, but the lovely intestine-twisting “visceral” which coincidentally, I looked up in the dictionary for someone today.

  2. The only ‘American’ word I cant think of is ‘strategery’ (care of one sadly undereducated American President)… that and ‘Y’all”… and soda. I think Soda is less American and more ‘old people’ though…my grandparents always say soda…???

  3. I’d have to add “toque” to this discussion – anyone ever tried that one out South of the border??

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