Jack’s Restaurant & Steakhouse

I stopped in at Jack’s Restaurant & Steakhouse  in Agassiz or is it in Kent? for lunch one day and then dinner the next day. Lunch and dinner were both awesome.

Stuffed Burger Patty
Stuffed Burger Patty

For lunch I had their Stuffed BBQ Beefstack. It was a massive hamburger patty stuffed with bacon and cheddar cheese – it was actually almost too much meat! 
The onion fritters on top of the bun added a nice little crunch to the burger and the slices of fresh beefsteak tomato made it feel like it was a healthy choice.

Stuffed BBQ Burger
Stuffed BBQ Burger

The burger was almost impossible to pick the burger up and eat “burger-style”but I took one bite of it just to test this out. I had to set it down and do the burger deconstruction-eating method. It was delicious!!

I asked for a combo of onion rings and fries to test them both out and I was pleasantly surprised at how good they both were.


For dinner I decided to try out their schnitzel. In the picture above I really should have had the schnitzel on the plate closer to me to show just how large the portion was. It was massive!!

And even before the main plate arrived I was served my choice of a fresh green salad, Caesar salad or escargot. I chose the fresh green salad with the balsamic house dressing. It was very fresh and tasted great. I would certainly like to try the escargot that they offer.

The schnitzel I ordered had back bacon and mozzarella cheese melted on top with a lemon flavoured sauce drizzled over top. I was hungry when I got there so I went for the “two piece” – let me tell you – it was a lot of schnitzel!!

The roasted potatoes and fresh veggies served with the schnitzel were very tasty.

Overall, it was a good meal served by very friendly people in a classy looking restaurant.

Recommended and I will return.