Jimmy’s Neighbourhood

You have probably all heard enough about Jimmy to last you for the rest of time but indulge me once more if you will.

Yesterday I walked Jimmy’s and my usual walk route. Of course I did it without Jimmy and I stopped and talked to each neighbour just like Jimmy and I did each day. I explained to each neighbour that Jimmy has gone on to her heavenly rewards and we shared tears and a little laugh and then I continued my walk to the next neighbour where Jimmy’s story was told again.

It is funny what a dog can do for you. I know every person on our block. I know their first names, their kids names, what they do for work, where their deceased husbands and kids are buried, who is divorced and who wants a divorce (I was sworn to secrecy on this one). I know who likes to sneak outside late at night and have a puff of weed while their kids are asleep. I know who to ask to get insider tips on the stock market and who to see to get a ride in a Ferrari (review of the Ferrari coming here soon). I know who to ask for help with plumbing, drywalling, framing. I know who has a roll of vapour barrier I can borrow and who watched through drawn curtains as Jimmy crapped on her lawn, which I picked up.

I know my neighbourhood and the people in it because Jimmy introduced me to them. I miss my sweet puppy so very  much that it actually hurts.


  1. I have always had dogs the remind us in the simplest ways how to be human, how to love and how to poop in public. Seriously though dogs are our closest supporters,unflagging in their ability to make us laugh when we want to cry and so much more than I can write here in this box. We can learn so much from them if we only open our eyes and watch them.

  2. So true Stephen…so true. Jimmy was absolutely faithful to me and she taught me how to be responsible for and to others. She taught me how to live in the moment and so much more.
    Valora, thank you for your kind words. Sometimes I do feel so alone in my grief, it is nice to hear people remind me that I am not alone.

  3. Stacey you made me cry! I had a beloved dog who I got as a gift from my dad when I was born (he came home a week after I was born) and we grew up together… he passes away when I was 22 and away on holiday. I havn’t thought of him in a while, but I sure did tonight. They are such a blessing, and give us so much more than a furry friend 🙂

  4. Oh, Stacey, this is the first time I’ve heard about the loss of your dear doggy Jimmy … so sad. I’m terribly sorry, and I relate to the physical and emotional pain it causes. As the pain subsides you will have wonderful memories to carry with you the rest of your life, as I have for my dog Dusty (1988-2005).

    All the best to you and your family.

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