Jimoco Cafe – Cheap Breakfast

If you ask people where to go for a cheap breakfast usually the first place they say is Bon’s off Broadway.

Some people will also say IKEA’s one dollar breakfast is the real deal.

Well the real deal and the best, cheap breakfast in town is the Jimoco Café.

From opening until 9:30 AM they have a three dollar early bird special.

The early bird special includes two eggs cooked how you like, hashbrown potatoes, a pair of toast, and your choice of bacon, ham or chorizo sausage.

The best part about this breakfast is that it is all quality food. Real, cubed russet potatoes, quality bread with a smear of butter on it, and the chorizo sausage is absolutely killer good.

I will admit that I was unimpressed with the ham they serve, but like I said the sausage, and the bacon are both very, very good.

If you are looking for cheap eats and a good quality breakfast, you need to head up to 1046 Austin Avenue in Coquitlam and enjoy the early bird special at the Jimoco Café.





2 responses to “Jimoco Cafe – Cheap Breakfast”

  1. Thatsawrap Avatar

    Small detail – but an address or Google map attached would help – otherwise the readers have to do a search.
    Thanks for this.
    Could you review Bons for us?

    1. staceyeats Avatar

      Good reminder. In the past I had a system from Urbanspoon which automatically gave the address and contact info for a restaurant I wrote about. Now that Zomato took over Urbanspoon I can’t seem to get that system to work. I will strive to remember to add in addresses in the future. Thanks for the note!!