Burnaby’s Jinya Ramen Bar

I have had a couple opportunities to visit Jinya Ramen Bar on Central Boulevard in Burnaby just outside of Metropolis and all I can say is “WOW”. This place knows how to serve ramen.

Jinya Ramen BarThe Jinya Ramen Bar is located in the building near the entrance to Metropolis – right across from where the Target store was located. Or for the older timers in my audience, in the building where the Bread Garden Cafe used to be located.

Jinya Ramen BarThe people behind Jinya have done an amazing job with the shape of the room. Because they have put in long, communal tables they have managed to fill the room with seats and yet it doesn’t feel “cramped”.

Jinya Ramen Bar

When you stop and look around at how many people are actually in the room though, you realize just how effectively they have used the existing space. Very clever.

Jinya Ramen BarOn my first visit we started with their Brussel Sprouts Tempura ($6.80). Each sprout was split and then breaded before being fried to a crisp. Little flavour explosions! Why would anybody ever boil a Brussel sprout anymore?!

Jinya Ramen BarWe also had the Takoyaki – battered balls of octopus with a sweet mayo, okonomiyaki sauce and smoked bonito flakes ($7.80). Yep, more sensory over-load of goodness.

Jinya Ramen BarThe most recent time I visited Jinya, we tried the Salmon Avocado tossed with wasabi soy sauce ($7.80). I quite enjoyed the heat from the wasabi soy sauce but my dinner companion found it to be too strong. The avocado was perfectly ripe.

Jinya Ramen Bar

And the chunks of salmon? Nicely portioned.

Jinya Ramen BarAnd the ramen. In my experience, the most important part of the ramen is the broth. A rich and flavourful broth will overcome mediocre noodles. A weak broth will not be lifted by quality noodles.

At Jinya Ramen Bar – the broth is out of this world on the rich and decadent flavour and mouth feel. Out. Of. This. World. On my first visit I had the Tokyo Tonkotsu Ramen bowl ($14.80). Super rich pork broth and nori dried seaweed (not really my thing) served with thin noodles.

On my follow up visit I tried the Jinya Tonkotsu Black which was just as flavourful as the Tokyo Ramen.

And, I may add, the noodles are also excellent. Both times I had the thin noodles and I loved them.

Jinya Ramen Bar

On my most recent visit to Jinya Ramen Bar I tried their Kaedama – a refill of the noodles for a $1.50. I had lots of broth leftover so I asked for the refill and instead of getting the thin noodles again, I had a refill of their thicker noodles. I may actually prefer the thicker noodles. Both thick and thin noodles are excellent, I just liked the feel of the thicker noodles which are about the thickness of a spaghetti noodle.

The bottom line – I loved Jinya Ramen Bar and I will definitely be returning and I have no hesitation to recommend this place.

  • Jinya Ramen Bar is located at 4575 Central Boulevard and they are open from 11am to 10pm. 
  • Be aware, they will not seat a partial party – no sneaking one or two people in to save a big table!


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