Just Some Hot Lunches

A few pictures from some of the lunches I enjoyed this past summer.


First, a bowl of ramen from Kamamarui on Royal Oak Ave in Burnaby. Good. Not the flavour punch to the taste buds that I was hoping for.


Next up, a lunch platter at Dunn’s Famous downtown Vancouver. The fries at Dunn’s Famous are outstanding. Even better? Their egg rolls with smoked meat inside them!!


Of course my burger from Five Guys Burgers was also an flavour sensation. The Five Guys have perfected the meat to bun ratio. The slice of tomato adds just enough “vegetable matter” to make it feel almost healthy. Again, awesome fries. Don’t be fooled by them – unless you are going into Five Guys with a hungry football team, just go for the regular size fries. They are very generous with the fries.


Then there is Spacca Napoli Pizzeria in Port Moody. A real wood fired pizza oven!


The pizza at Spacca Napoli is totally different than any other pizza I have ever had. First thing, they give you a massive pair of shears (scissors) to cut the ultra-thin crust pizza. And then once it is cut, you sort of need to roll up the slice of pizza to eat it.

It is nothing like the pizza you get from most other pizza places. I will definitely be returning to sample more of their menu – hopefully some of their pasta dishes!

That’s it. Just a few random pics of food from my lunches from this summer.








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