Kaya Sushi Makes the List

A friend read my blog post about the Jimoco Cafe on Austin in Coquitlam and then promptly told me that if I am in that neighbourhood, I MUST check out their favourite sushi place, Kaya Sushi. So I did.

And, as I usually do, I will begin by saying that Kaya Sushi will definitely be added to my trusted sushi joint list.

Miso Soup
Miso Soup

I was on “daddy-duty” yesterday with my kids and rather than going home and heating up more brined turkey, I decided to take the kidlets out for their favourite meal – the California Combo ($10.80).

All the combos come with a miso soup and their miso soup had a lovely, light, real-miso flavour. Although miso soup seems like it is a very simple dish it is easy to screw it up. Kaya Sushi got it perfect.

California Combo
California Combo

The California Combo, possibly the furthest thing from real sushi that one can order was exactly what my kids wanted. Perfectly plump and well-shaped California rolls stuffed with artificial crab and avocado. Exactly the way my kids like it.

For me the nigiri salmon and tuna sushi were also well proportioned and presented. A pleasantly firm slice of fish on a petite ball of rice made for a pleasing experience. The cut of the salmon and the tuna was done so that biting into the piece of sushi was a slightly pleasurable experience.

As a side note, I never eat the poor lonely prawn (ebi) sushi. Just my own little hang up.

Teriyaki Combo
Teriyaki Combo

I also ordered their Sushi Combo B ($11.85) – kind of a sushi teriyaki combo comprised of a chicken teriyaki roll, a beef teriyaki roll and a BC Roll. Being really hungry when I was ordering, I added a yam tempura roll to the order.

The funny thing is, by the time all of our food arrived and I had eaten the nigiri sushi from the first combo, I was only able to eat the yam tempura roll and I can say that it was delicious. Instead of having one large piece of deep fried yam inside, there were multiple thin slices of fried yam that added a lovely crispiness to each bite.

I took the teriyaki rolls home to my Sweetheart and she enjoyed them after she got home from work. When I asked her how they were, she just said, “Uh-hunh, they were great. But why did you order all cooked rolls?” So I don’t have much more than that on the teriyaki rolls.

Overall, this was a very positive experience. The service was kind and welcoming even though I was there with two little kidlets who jumped up and started dancing to the Michael Jackson song they had playing in the restaurant. The food was fresh and flavourful and perfectly cut and presented. Overall, a very positive experience and I will be returning to Kaya Sushi.

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