Kevin O’Leary at the Vancouver Convention Centre

The good people from Ockham Consulting have invited me to an event at the Vancouver Convention Centre where we will see Kevin O’Leary, the opinionated, fire-breathing dragon on CBC’s Dragon’s Den.

O’Leary will be interviewed by business analyst Michael Campbell in front of a live audience (of which I will be part). Apparently we can expect O’Leary to give us the straight goods on matters that speak directly to the bottom line. We can also expect to hear O’Leary’s insights on current market trends, trade and industry forecasts, and the role of business owners and entrepreneurs in today’s global economy.

Although I will not be live-blogging this event, I will fill write a blog post as soon as I get back into my editorial office. I will also endeavor to update my twitter and Facebook as often as I can. You too can follow me; or

Should be a fun afternoon for us.

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