KFC Double Down Comes to Canada

One of my guilty pleasures is having Breakfast TV on while I am getting ready to head to the office. And speaking of guilty pleasures, yesterday on BTV they were talking about and eating one of the new KFC “burgers.” The new “burger” is called the “Double Down.”

The Double Down is a burger without a bun. Sort of. Instead of a bun there is chicken, bacon, cheese, super-deelish sauce and then chicken. The chicken replaces the bun.

I found it quite amusing watching the BTV crew “eating” the burger. They were astounded by the fact that the Double Down has a 540 calories and 1740 mg of sodium (that is salt, doncha know) and kept going on about how unhealthy the Double Down was. Now granted, that is a significant calorie and sodium count, but consider what one might ordinarily order from the good old Colonel.

How about you order something like a snack pack? I’m not positive of what is in it but say you get two pieces of original recipe chicken (thighs). Add in fries and gravy and a side of coleslaw to round out the meal. Well, be prepared to consume 1135 calories and a colossal 2670 mg of sodium!!

Tempted to upgrade those fries to a single order of KFC poutine? The poutine by itself has 860 calories and 2450 mg of sodium. That would add an extra 520 calories and an extra 1680 mg of sodium to your meal if you ditch the fries and get the poutine.

So the Double Down by itself is not necessarily the most unhealthy thing that you can order off the KFC menu. However, if you are going to try the Double Down, you better do it soon; it is only going to be available for six weeks.





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  1. Colleen Avatar

    Great minds think alike. I thought the same thing. Any meal deal at any fast food restaurant has more than what the double. double has. Besides moderation is always the answer. Go ahead and splurge once in awhile.