KFC Double Down

What are your thoughts or feelings about the controversial “burger” that Kentucky Fried Chicken releases occasionally, the Double Down? 


For those who may not know, the KFC Double Down “burger” is made from two pieces of chicken instead of buns. Between the pieces of chicken is bacon, Monterey Jack cheese and “Colonel sauce”. 

I admit that I do not eat KFC food often but when I do, I quite enjoy it. I will enjoy three pieces of chicken with fries and I will even have a soda. Admittedly, the three pieces of chicken and fries do not have bacon or cheese on them, but it is a good meal. 

So why the hysteria or outrage about the Double Down “burger” being so disgusting and such a show of North American gluttony? Really, it is two pieces of chicken with bacon and cheese. 

I suppose the only thing to do is try the new KFC Double Down Scorcher or Zinger. I’ll keep you posted.