Ki Sushi Impresses

Yesterday I stopped into one of my old sushi haunts – Ki Sushi in New Westminster. This is a sushi restaurant that I have visited many times over the years as it has changed, grown and moved.

The great thing about Ki Sushi is that it is what I call “a classic sushi place”. By that I mean the pieces of nigiri sushi and the sushi rolls are cut so that they are easily two bites or one if you are a little more daring.

As an aside, I apologize for the picture quality. I had my little ones with me and they do not understand my obsession of taking pictures of food. They see food as something to be eaten – as soon as it gets dropped at the table – so I try to snap a pic before little hands are grabbing onto the food.

Anyway, Ki Sushi is a classic place in contrast to sushi places owned and operated by Korean people. Korean sushi places tend to cut their nigiri or roll sushi as if you are going to make a meal out of the one piece. I’ve seen some rolls that I’ve had to disassemble and eat in four or five bites. Of course I mean no disrespect to Korean sushi places, especially seeing as Asa Sushi is one of my trusted sushi joints and it is Korean owned and operated.

As for Ki Sushi, they don’t embrace the bigger is better philosophy. And what their rolls and nigiri sushi lack in size they more than make up for in quality of cut and taste. Make no mistake, Ki Sushi does not serve small sushi – they serve top quality sushi cut to a perfect size.

Ki Sushi is a perfect addition to the “Trusted Sushi Joints” list. Try it, I trust you will enjoy it.

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