Kozak Ukrainian Eatery

Kozak Ukrainian Eatery

The best thing to do on a cold and and rainy afternoon after you have just discovered that the last four hours of work you have done on a computer has not saved – go for a bowl of soup.

Kozak Ukrainian Eatery

Yesterday I was writing report cards – every teacher’s favourite way to while away the hours – and after I had completed my reports, I went back to admire my prose only to discover that I had accidentally logged out of the computer program where I was recording my comments. (Hand me the tissues as I begin to weep uncontrollably).

So rather than get back at it and start writing again, I decided to go for a little time away, fresh air, and a bowl of comfort food – borscht and a slice of homemade bread at Kozak Ukrainian Eatery in New West.

Kozak Ukrainian Eatery is located at 444 6th Street in New Westminster. It is comfort food. You can get breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Kozak Ukrainian Eatery. Food just like your Baba would have made. If you had a Baba.