Language Development in the Twins

This evening at bedtime, like every evening, the twins, their Momma and I all sit around the nursery reading books. This evening, I had my eyes opened for me.

Let me begin by admitting that I do drop the more than occassional F-bomb. I will also often accessorize the F-bomb with adjectives and adverbs. I figured the girls do not yet understand what I am saying so, what the…

Story’s favourite book is a book with pages filled with pictures. I ask her to point to items to see what she recognizes. For example I say, “Point to the orange.” And she will point to the orange. Babies, bears, moon, stars are all pretty easy for her.

This evening I said, jokingly, “Point to the root-beer and ice cream float.” And she did.

Time for me to clean-up my language. Golly gee whiz.

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