Launch from the Planetarium

Today was a day well spent. Up early and out of the house early…around 11am. Drove to Vancouver and did a little people watching while sitting at Four Brothers Pizza enjoying a coupla slices of pizza pie. Commercial Drive is the bomb for people watching. I love being able to keep a running commentary going about the peeps we see as we sit and munch.

From the Drive to the Planetarium parking lot. We use this as a launch pad for our Granville Island exploits. Park the car there in their parking lot, hike into the building behind the big crab sculpture (one of my flash-bulb memories from being a kid is a photo of my cool Aunt Phyllis with her big late 1960s hair standing beside my Uncle Ward in front of that crab sculpture; funny the things you remember).

We get there and just as casual as can be walk into the building, pass by the admissions people and go downstairs to use their washrooms. Pretty clean facilities. A bit weird for me today seeing as I had a baby in the pouch carrier on my chest/tummy and I suddenly realized I needed to take a waz. I was trying to fumble around with my junkyard to find the main valve and I  couldn’t see jack shit down below the 49th parallel. Made me think I should skip that extra dessert more often just in case I ever got that big…

Anyway, fortunately I was wearing my trusty old 501s…button fly so not snowmobile tracks through the junk yard today. The guy at the urinal beside me looked positively uncomfortable when the kid I was carrying looked down and laughed…she was just cheerful, don’t be so self-concious there squirrel dick.

It is a funny thing in life when you can be in the guys’ shitter and you have a baby on the weirdo change table thing that flops out of the wall and you are standing there singing the Oompa-loompa song to her. And then another guy walks in and you realize you were just singing the Willy Wonka Ooompa-loompa song. You don’t feel so tough at that point…but you don’t care because you have the most amazing twin daughters.