Levi 501s

Laundry Day; Washing my Levi 501s

Someone asked me the other day “What happened to those Levi 501s jeans you had that you said you never wash?”

As a matter of fact, I do still have those jeans and here’s an update on them.

Levi 501s

The jeans in the front, the very faded and very worn looking blue jeans are approximately 5 years old. This weekend I washed them – for the third time since owning them.

In fact, this weekend I washed all three pair of my Levi 501s pictured above.

The dark blue jeans in the middle are about four years old and this was their second time getting washed.

Same with the black Levi 501s on the back of the pile – look closely and you can see them – this weekend they were washed for the second time.

Admittedly, the faded blue jeans in the front really needed a wash. I’ve been wearing them on weekends around home and at the cabin and they really have become quite dirty as a result.

Levi 501s

However, the dark blue Levi 501s and the black ones in the back – you’d never know that I’ve been wearing them off and on for so many years.

And before you say “eww, that’s disgusting!” if you know me in real life, you have probably been near me when I’ve been wearing one of these pair of jeans and you probably didn’t notice – and no, they do not stink!

Bottom line, even if you don’t go to the no-wash-laundry extreme that I’ve gone to, you’re probably washing your jeans too often.