Legendary Noodle House

Last night a colleague and I headed over to the Legendary Noodle House on Denman Street in the Westend of Vancouver to try out the legendary noodles.

We started with a couple plates of pot stickers.

Legendary Noodle House
Pan Fried Potstickers


The pan fried pork chive pot stickers were tasty but a little skimpy on the filling.

Legendary Noodle House
Steamed Pork Dumplings

The steamed pork dumplings were just as tasty and had a more generous “meatball” inside.

Of the two styles of dumplings, I preferred the steamed dumplings.

After the dumplings came our main courses.

Legendary Noodle House
Tibetan Lamb Shank Stir Fried

I had the Tibetan Lamb Shank with the round noodles. The lamb shank was cooked perfectly and was loaded with meat. The noodles were good, but not remarkable. I would have liked more sauce and vegetables on the noodles.

The Legendary Noodle House was good and I will likely return to try more of their dishes.