Leghorn Ranch Horseback Riding

I made a deal with my daughters for their birthday this year. The deal was, rather than buying them a toy or something that they might use for a short while and then set aside, I would buy them an experience – and that’s how we connected with Leghorn Ranch.

Leghorn Ranch

Hopefully an experience they will treasure for a long time! And thanks to the crew at Leghorn Ranch – they did receive a very cool experience that they’ll remember for a long time – for all the right reasons!

Leghorn Ranch

A couple of weeks before the birthday weekend celebration I started doing a Google search for horseback riding and Leghorn Ranch came up.

On their webpage there is a phone number and it says to call or text for information. Cool. I do not like talking on the phone so I appreciate the option to text. So I sent a text off describing my needs and wants and who I would like to bring riding and asking for a little info and their suggestions.

Six minutes later I received a friendly and informative reply. Cool. So I called and booked with them!

Leghorn Ranch

The kids smiles were ear to ear. Janet and Hanif – the key staff at Leghorn Ranch treated us like we were VIPs.

We paid $65 each for an hour of riding but we were on, around, or with the horses for almost two hours.

They gave both girls an introductory lesson on riding in the ring. That lesson made it pretty quickly clear that my kids wouldn’t be able to effectively control the horses they were on so they changed the plan and decided to “pony” my kids.

Leghorn Ranch

Effectively meaning that each of the kids would be on a horse but their horse would be led by the staff who would be riding another on horse. This gave my kids a chance to relax and enjoy the hour we were out on the trail rather than stressing about controlling their horse.

Leghorn Ranch

It really was a great day. The weather cooperated, the horses cooperated, the kids had a great time, and memories were made thanks to Janet and Hanif at Leghorn Ranch!

Leghorn Ranch is located at 20254 Old Dewdney Trunk in Pitt Meadows. Phone or text them at 778-886-1343 to book your own riding experience. Maybe we’ll see you out on the trail some time.