Limepocalypse 2014

You may or may not have heard but there is this somewhat bizarre story circulating about “cartels” buying up the lime and avocado production. However, like most stories, the truth to the situation is a little more murky than that.


There has been a combination of events leading to the event which bartenders are not-so-affectionately calling the great “limepocalypse of 2014”.


First there was heavy rainfall in Mexico during the lime tree blossom season which knocked many of the blossoms of the trees seriously reduced the lime production. Add an outbreak of bacteria that has been ravaging citrus trees in Mexico and the involvement of criminal organizations and you have the conditions for “limepocalypse 2014”.

The bizarre thing is that there is a similar thing going on with avocados. Drug cartels in Mexico, the largest producer and exporter of avocados and limes, have realized that there are massive profits to be made in “taxing” avocado and lime producers.

The bottom-line is that you will likely be getting a wedge of lemon, not lime, with your Corona and you will be paying significantly more for your margaritas and guacamole than you did before. After all, organized crime organizations have long modelled their business practices on government. It was only a matter of time before they moved into the grocery production and distribution system.