#liveyourbestlife; If You Can

Have you heard of the CBC Radio One show called “This Is That“? It is a radio show similar to the blog called The Onion. It is a satire.

An example from the show is when they “interviewed” an employee from Canadian border services who was going to teach border guards to be friendlier. Except that during the interview the guy who was going to do the training became increasingly aggressive with the interviewer. The Beaverton does a similar thing. Great entertainment. But you have to keep in mind that it is entertainment. Not news.

In the last little while I was listening to CBC radio and I heard a guest talking about people using the hashtag #liveyourbestlife. While I was listening all I could think was that I was suddenly listening to an encore edition of “This Is That”.

Anyway, apparently this #liveyourbestlife is a thing that yoga people use.

For example, someone will post a picture on Instagram of their perfectly toasted artisan bread with a perfectly ripe avocado perfectly sliced and perfectly spread across that precious piece of toast. And they’ll add the hashtag #liveyourbestlife

This is a thing. Huh.

The funny thing about what I heard from the guest on the radio was that the term ” live your best life” was beginning to make her uncomfortable. It was making her question her life!

Remember what I said about the show called “This Is That”? Seriously, I assumed I was listening to an episode of that show. But I wasn’t. She was for real.

She said that there is a backlash against saying or using the term “live your best life” because it was making people unhappy. She said how when she heard that phrase or read it online she would begin to question her life and the choices and she had made. She wondered if in fact she actually was “living her best life”.

What? Seriously, was she concerned that she wasn’t getting fair trade organic avocados for her precious toast?

Her comments stuck with me and made me think; did she have the same reaction when people told her to have a nice day? Did she question if she was actually having a nice day? Does the term “have a nice day” make her question her choices from the day?

Did she have the same reaction when people would say “take care”? Did she question how much care she was taking?

Seriously, get over it. Stop the over analyzing? Do your yoga. Eat your precious avocado toast. And accept the encouragement from people to be your best and do your best. This is not that so feel free to #liveyourbestlife