Local Omnivore Pop-up Restaurant

The guys from Local Omnivore YVR hosted a pop-up restaurant on Friday night in an old restaurant space at 337 E Hastings St.

I had their cheeseburger with bacon and a side of fries. 

First let me say, the fries were hands down the best fries I’ve had in Vancouver. Crispy beyond belief with a snap of hot sauce that I won’t soon forget. 

The burger was just as epic. A hand formed beef patty covered with a slab of melted cheddar all draped in well cooked bacon. Well cooked but not crumbly-crispy. 

Speaking of well cooked, the beef patty, because it is fresh ground beef sourced out of the Pemberton Valley can be cooked medium-rare so that it has a good flavour and is not your typical over cooked beef patty-hockey puck. Another benefit of shopping and eating local! 

The zippy sauce they add to the burgers adds just enough snap to make you pay attention to what you’re eating. 

Out of curiosity I asked the guys in the kitchen for a sample of the roasted cauliflower they put in their vegetarian option. 

They roast it to bring out the nutty flavour of the cauliflower and then grill it to make it hot. They then toss it in a bowl with a generous helping of their burger sauce with an extra dose of the heat. 

I’ll be sampling the roasted cauliflower sandwich next time I’m visiting theLocal  Omnivore, whether that is at their food truck or their next pop-up restaurant. 

If you are like me and prefer to stay closer to home, be aware that the Local Omnivore crew will be back at Yellow Dog Brewery in Port Moody on Friday May1st.