Longtail Kitchen at Rivermarket Impresses

After writing a blog post about my foodie crawl though New West the comments came fast and furiously through Twitter, Facebook and even in the comments on the blog post itself; they all said a foodie crawl through New Westminster is not complete without a stop at Longtail Kitchen.

Longtail Kitchen
Longtail Kitchen

Today I stopped at Longtail Kitchen to see what all the fuss was about and I will now agree that a foodie tour of New Westminster is not complete without a stop at Longtail Kitchen!

When I walked in I simply asked, “what is your signature dish, or the one dish that best represents Longtail Kitchen.”

Without hesitation the guy behind the counter piped up with “our Pad Thai. That’s the one.” And then he added in that their curries are also very popular and that they actually make all of their curries right there in the New West Rivermarket location.

In the nature of disclosure I have to admit I am not a fan of Thai food, especially Pad Thai. However, I make a point of going with the first response and seeing as it came so quickly to him, Pad Thai it was. And I was really pleased that I did. The Pad Thai was excellent!

Longtail Kitchen Pad Thai
Longtail Kitchen Pad Thai

I typically do not like Pad Thai because all too often you end up with a plate or bowl full of noodles that have welded themselves together and you end up with a big bowl full of glop. Not here.

The noodles were cooked perfectly – just soft enough but still resistant to the teeth. Perhaps more importantly though, I could pull two or three noodles out of the bowl at a time. A simple perfection.

The sprouts and slices of green onions were as fresh as could be. Crisp and sweet sprouts with almost a quarter of a lime for me to squeeze the juice out of.

I chose to go with the tofu rather than the shrimp. The numerous chunks of tofu, chunks the size of my small finger tasted like they had been pan-fried in a super-heated wok the way only Asian eateries can. A nice addition to the dish.

So yes, Longtail Kitchen is a must visit on any foodie tour through the Royal City. I will definitely be returning to Longtail Kitchen to try out more of their menu items, especially their curries.

Disclosure; I did not disclose to the staff at the restaurant that I was a blogger until after I had purchased my meal and they had brought my food choices to my table. I paid full price for my meal. 
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