Lougheed Mall Christmas Visit

In the interests of science I loaded the family in the car and drove to the local shopping mall. The funniest thing that I saw were cars, like enraged bulls charging at one another  doing battle for parking spots.

Once the cars were parked the people got out and were very pleasant to one another. Amusing to watch. I avoid that entire scene by parking in the fire lane right in front of the mall entrance. Simple.

While in the mall we spotted Santa with no horrible crying kids in line waiting to see him. We took care of that; Brown Bear goes ape-shit crazy upset when she sees any mascot or Santa. I have to admit, the young lady who took the photo was pretty quick.

She got a picture with all of us in it and Brown Bear not screaming hysterically. However, I am not too sure what or who Blonde Bear is pointing at.

Santa Visit 2010
Santa Visit 2010

The real purpose of us going to the mall though was not to watch cars doing battle or to have our picture taken with Santa.

The purpose was to stop in at the Lougheed Laser Dental Group office to pick up a giant bag of chapsticks they were donating to our efforts to help some of the less fortunate kids in our community. We will add the chapsticks to the Christmas Stockings that we fill with other donated goods before we distribute to the kids.

In that spirit, have a look at the following video. Pretty inspiring.