I Love Sushi – Revisit

Sooner than I expected I have an update on my recent visit to I Love Sushi. Yesterday I was racing from one assignment to the next and needed to pick up a snack for my dinner – a perfect opportunity to revisit I Love Sushi!

I popped into the restaurant at 3:30pm-ish and was given a very warm and friendly greeting. When I said I wanted a to-go order she directed me to a table near the door with some menus on it.

Being in a hurry and not having time to explore the menu, I went with what I call a safe order; their Dynamite Combo ($11.38) which includes a dynamite roll and two pieces each of salmon and tuna nigiri.

Yam Cone
Yam Cone

The really cool thing is very shortly after ordering my take-out, the server brought me a yam cone. She said that it was to keep me going while I waited for my take-out order.

The cone was excellent!! The seaweed wrap was incredibly crisp and the deep-fried yam was perfectly seasoned with just a hint of heat to it.

Broken Roll
Broken Roll

When I got the Dynamite Combo I have to admit that I was a little surprised at the presentation. Once again, their sushi is somewhat sloppy. When I tried to pick up the dynamite roll with my chopsticks the roll just fell apart. Also, look at the salmon nigiri above. Yes, they are delicious but the presentation is flawed so if that is really important to you, be forewarned that this is not the prettiest sushi you will ever find.

Regardless, I will return to I  Love Sushi again.