Lucky’s Doughnuts; Apple Bacon Fritters and More

Would you pay $3.50 for one doughnut? Nearly four bucks for one Apple and Bacon Fritter?

Lucky's Doughnuts
Lucky’s Doughnuts

Well, yesterday at the weekly meeting of the @DotComPho group these doughnuts came up in conversation. The consensus of the group was that yes, in fact most of us would at least buy the doughnut once to see what the fuss was all about.

Today I stopped at Lucky’s Doughnuts on Main Street at 13th in Vancouver (Hipster Heaven).

Not only did I buy one Apple and Bacon Fritter, I bought two. And two classic Old Fashioneds, and two Orange Honey Pistachio!

So the verdict? They are fabulously delicious. The Apple and Bacon Fritter was the best of the bunch with a VERY strong smokey bacon flavour. Like a great fritter should, each bite pulls a piece of the fritter away. This is no run of the mill, hockey player style doughnut, this is GOOD stuff.

Six doughnuts for $16.75 (there is a 15% discount for buying a half dozen) well… it just seems excessive to pay that much for six doughnuts. Although they were very good, I would not go back looking for more. Although I will now have to go to Cartem’s and try their doughnuts!
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