Lunch at the Bo Kong Restaurant in Richmond

Today, in our ongoing efforts to introduce our girls to many different forms and flavours of food, we took them to the Bo Kong Vegetarian restaurant in Richmond.

Typically, when we go to restaurants that are not entirely kid/baby friendly, we get the table closest to the washroom door. Not today though. Instead we were led to a table in a  front corner of the restaurant. A table that was very awkward to get into, especially seeing as the host placed two high-chairs directly in our path. At that point we should have left. But we did not.

Not being familiar with the menus that the host set on the table before he hurriedly departed, we simply looked at the pretty pictures unsure of what to order. Seeing as Wifey and I are both vegetarian (yes we do eat fish) we were comfortable knowing that all the food in the restaurant is vegetarian, if not vegan. We persevered and ordered a set lunch for two as well as three small dim sum dishes.

We almost felt like VIPs with the speed at which we were served. Perhaps it had something to do with the twins giving out occasional yelps and screams, but I like the VIP idea better. It was also nifty how the servers would bring the dishes and place them, molten hot, right in front of the girls. They obviously are not aware that our girls arms can, and do, shoot out at lightening speed to grab whatever is within. Molten hot or not.

Also there was obviously no shortage of dishes in the kitchen seeing as the dirty dishes were piling up on our table. When I worked in the restaurant business the mantra was, “Always full hands.” If you take a dish of food out, you bring dirty dishes back. Not here, they just piled upon our table.

Once the food did arrive, we were not impressed. Too many weird looking mushrooms (vegetarian or not, things that look like cow brains are just not appetizing). I realize that the food we received was more of a reflection of our knowledge than of the restaurant’s menu. A little more help when ordering would have been appreciated.

Overall, not a place we would return to with the twins any time soon. Too bad for us.


  1. I’ll have to be your tourguide to the menu at BoKong, Stacey. I love the mushrooms!

  2. Years ago I lived near the Bo Kong and was a regular visitor, however I was quite disappointed in the food this visit. But being vegetarians, we want our girls to learn to appreciate all types of veggie food. Next we will try a similar place on Fraser Street. We have heard good things about that place.

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