Lunch at the Flame Stone Grill

We were visiting a friend yesterday and saw a take-out menu for the Flame Stone Grill on our friend’s coffee table. Our friend raved about the place saying that the lunch specials are massive in size and flavour and yet very reasonably priced. Like $4.95 for a lunch special.

So we decided to take our girls’ grandfather out for a Sunday lunch. Coincidentally, so did half of Port Moody. Just before we were seated a table of thirty!! arrived. As well, every other table was already full. The lone server was very apologetic and told us that on the previous Sunday she had four tables, in total for the entire day. Even though she was hustling to keep up she was very friendly and helpful. She also got our lunch order in before the table of thirty got theirs in, thus saving our day.

The girls’ grandfather ordered the chicken souvlaki. A skewer of perfectly seasoned chicken lay across the rice and steamed potatoes. The chicken was cooked nicely, however, the flavour would have been improved by being flame grilled. The Caesar salad was perfectly dressed; nicely flavoured but not soggy with dressing. The tzatziki was a perfect accompaniment for the fluffy (and warm) pita bread that came with the meal.

Chicken Souvlaki
Chicken Souvlaki

My lunch choice was my favourite meal, fettuccine Alfredo with garlic toast. The fettuccine was delicious with just the right amount of garlic in the rich creamy Alfredo sauce to give it some personality but not enough to overwhelm the Parmesan cheese in the sauce.

Fettucini Alfredo
Fettucini Alfredo

Although the plate does not look too big in the above photo, it was a perfectly sized lunch meal. I was full when finished, not stuffed. I can’t say how the garlic toast was because the girls each took a piece and gnawed away at it.

Our meals were delicious and big on flavour. Keep in mind that these were the $4.95 lunch specials. There is nothing on the menu for more than $9.95. The menu describes the nachos as “Extra large deluxe tortilla chips with all the toppings. Topped with melted mozzarella and cheddar cheese.” Now you know I will be back for these. Especially seeing as they are only $7.95.

If you want to try the Flame Stone Grill head over to 2810 St Johns Street in Port Moody. It is worth the trip.

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2 responses to “Lunch at the Flame Stone Grill”

  1. Cecilia Avatar

    Our family loves this place!! We used to go to a similar place in Burnaby called X-site Grill (also highly reccomendable!) and when we moved to Port Moody we found Flamestone Grill and now we are regulars there. Our kids love the fettucine alfredo!! Hats off to this place, affordable and super yummy, best combination!

  2. deni Avatar

    Stacey, thanks for the great review. I’ve driven by this place countless times, but never went in. We’ll definitely be checking it out now. We are always happy to find affordable, twin-tolerant places to dine!