Lunch at the Northern Cafe and Grill

For my last lunch out and away from New Westminster I decided to hit up the Northern Cafe and Grill one more time.

I went there earlier in the summer for a breakfast and the owner told me to come back again to see him to try the burgers he makes. He told me he grinds the burger he uses right there in the cafe and that his burgers are the best in the city.

The burger was really good, but it was not the best in the city.

The burger patty was excellent. Good consistency and cooked just beyond medium rare but not to the hockey puck stage.

The additions to the burger were appreciated. Three large pieces of bacon, big chunks of fried onions, mushrooms, and a thick slice of cheddar cheese were all melted into a tasty mass of flavour that worked perfectly in unison.

The patty was sitting on two thick slices of very ripe tomato and a chunk of lettuce.

A perfectly delicious burger package. My kids declared the side of fries to be “extraordinary”. Myself, I found them to be great but not extraordinary.

The Northern Cafe and Grill is located in the upstairs and back room of one of the buildings in the Northern Building Supply lumber yard located at 1640 East Kent Ave in Vancouver.