Lunch at the Ovaltine Cafe

Yesterday I went to pick up a new wool vest for myself (Merry Christmas to me!) from the Filson Store in Vancouver’s Gastown and seeing as I was traveling right by it, I decided to stop for lunch at the historic/nostalgic Ovaltine Cafe.

Ovaltine Cafe

Lunch was good. The food, as usual, was tasty and nicely prepared.

I like the note at the bottom of the menu saying that they seek out as many local foods as they possibly can.

Ovaltine Cafe

We started out with a vanilla milkshake. Handmade and served in two glasses to avoid the “you drank more than me” battle.

Ovaltine Cafe

One of the kids had a cheeseburger with fries and the other had a veggie burger with a side of spinach salad.

Both burgers were good. Classic diner burgers. I loved the fries – cut in house. Perhaps they could’ve spent a little longer in the fryer to get them a bit more crispy, however the kids liked them. That’s a win.

The spinach salad was declared by my other kid as “really good because of the seeds, nuts, and cranberries in it.”

One of my favourite parts of visiting the Ovaltine Cafe is the feeling of walking back into the past. The cafe feels part museum, part cafe.

The other part of visiting the Ovaltine is seeing the way the staff treat all the customers, and I mean all the customers, with dignity and respect.

Let’s be honest, there are a lot of people in the Ovaltine’s neighbourhood with serious challenges. And yet when people walk into the Ovaltine, the staff are kind and respectful.

I like it. And I’ll continue to visit the Ovaltine Cafe whenever I’m in the neighbourhood.

The Ovaltine Cafe is located at 251 East Hastings.