Lunch at the Sun Star Restaurant

In the past I have gone to the Sun Star restaurant for breakfast. Just the simple two eggs, hashbrowns and bacon type of fare.

After a long training session in the local pool (what else are you going to do during a monsoon?) the girls and I were hungry, bordering on hangry.

So I wheeled into the Sun Star and got pancakes and eggs for my girls; is there a kid on earth who doesn’t love the novelty of having breakfast for dinner?

I got the Ed’s Burger; a homemade beef patty cooked nicely medium rare so that it still had enough beef juice in it to make my hands drip with the deliciousness. The burger patty was covered in fried mushrooms and onions. The smear of ginger sauce, the heap of shredded lettuce and the slices of fresh tomato added a lovely fresh counterpoint to the yummy greasiness of the burger.

Who knew that a Chinese restaurant that I go to for breakfast would serve up a great burger? They do!

Oh and the fries? Very serviceable.

The Sun Star restaurant is located at 2154 Austin Ave in Coquitlam.