Me N Eds Pizza

Lunch at Me-n-Ed’s Pizza Parlour

I remember when I was a teenager, way back when, and my buddies and I would go to Me-n-Ed’s Pizza Parlour near what was then the Middlegate Mall – now known as Highgate.

Pizza Time

Back then I didn’t know much about food but I did know that the pizza at Me-n-Eds was excellent. Now that I live out here in the Burbs, I thought it was time to revisit Me-n-Eds. It is still excellent pizza!

Me-n-Eds has multiple locations now and I popped into their location on Austin Ave in Coquitlam. Although I was one of the first customers in the building the pizza guy was already twirling and tossing pizza dough. He didn’t know that anyone was watching but he was putting on quite a show.

Me N Eds Pizza

We ordered a medium size Californian pizza ($22.35 if memory serves me correctly) The Californian pizza came with almond slices, chunks of roasted chicken, sundried tomatoes and small pieces of artichoke hearts. The toppings really were perfect. However, the real success of the Me-n-Eds pizza is the crust.

Me N Eds Pizza

The crust. Oh my. I love a really thin, crispy crust and Me-n-Eds Pizza delivers. Their crust is like a delicious cracker! Thin and crispy and oh my goodness so delicious!

I like Uncle Fatih’s pizza on Broadway just west of Commercial but if I am in the Burbs, I will be heading to Me-n-Eds for my thin crust pizza fix.
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