Fraser and Thompson Rivers

Lytton Creek Wildfire

As some of you know, I grew up near Lytton BC. And as you probably also know, last week the village of Lytton burned to the ground.

You may or may not know that in 2014 the house I grew up in near Lytton, along with all the outbuildings – like the workshop, chicken coops, woodshed, etc all burned to the ground.

The only thing I salvaged from the house was the cast iron frying pan the family used to cook breakfasts.

And now all my friends and neighbours from the village of Lytton have lost everything after a wildfire ripped through the village. Everything. Everything is gone.

I’ve been angry and I’ve been sad about the loss that my neighbours and friends have endured. So many of my friends have lost everything. I can’t get my head around – how does a village even rebuild after such catastrophic loss?

I will continue to process this situation. To help me process I’ll add images here of my happy memories from my time in and around Lytton.

That’s it.