Mad Max; Fury Road – Best Film of the Year

Hello ya’ll, it’s been a while but I’m back to spout more film wisdom onto all the unwashed masses of film goers out there. That’s right, it’s the MovieDude Toth coming at ya!

So today I’m reviewing a little film that I saw almost two months ago called Mad Max;

Random picture for you to look at
Random picture for you to look at
Fury Road, hitherto be called Mad Max 4. You may ask; is this a direct sequel, prequel, reboot, or some other crap?! Well to be honest with you it is a quasi-sequel removing Mel Gibson (Max in the original trilogy) and adding Tom Hardy(as Max) and Charlize Theron (as Furiosa).

As usual, NO SPOILERS!!!!! from me! Well, to all the former students who may be reading this (probably 1 or 2 LOL), here comes my topic sentence….! Mad Max 4 manages to thrill, evoke strong emotions, put you in the driver’s seat for a visceral action extravaganza, and be the BEST FILM of the YEAR so far!

I will now explain why I feel so strongly about the movie. Perhaps it is because I am a fan of the original Mad Max and Mad Max 2 (3 had some good ideas and is worth maybe one watch) but I have to say I was blown away by what was onscreen in this movie.

CGI, are you kidding me? Not too much overall, and what was CGI was mostly to remove wires, ropes, and change daytime scenes into night time scenes. Oh yes, also a massive flippin’ sandstorm. Almost every frame of this movie looks like a beautiful oil painting. This is ART, people. Run out and see this movie.

The plot? It is so simple that I will not spoil it for you save this: people are trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic future where oil, weapons, water, and viable females (ones that can still reproduce) have become the four commodities that these barbarians fight over.

Max is still out there trying to survive, but this is not just his story…he just happens to get taken for the ride, literally!

The director is the same person who directed the original 3 Mad Max films, then he went on to direct some of my favourite films of all time including Babe, Babe: Pig in the City and then some lesser children’s efforts like Happy Feet and Happy Feet 2.

I was a bit nervous about his return to adult action oriented cinema. But I shouldn’t have been worried, because as I’ve been telling everyone I know, he takes all modern action film makers to school and shows them how it’s done!

Do not hesitate to see this film! Run out right now and buy your tickets before exciting but ultimately lame popcorn fests take over the screens this summer. Dinosaurs are cool, and I will deal with them in my next review, but as Immorten Joe from Mad Max 4 would say they are ultimately just….”MEDIOCRE!!!”

Why are you still reading this, it’s a hot Canada Day! You should be in cold water, shade, or better yet in a air conditioned theatre watching Mad Max: Fury Road!!!!

THe MOvie DUde TOth Out!!!!