Making a Leather Belt

As you may know, I am into doing leather work; I have created a couple briefcases, two little tool bags and now a postal-style messenger bag. Now, I’m learning how to make belts for myself.

The first step, other than cutting the strip of leather is to smooth off the inside edge of the belt. You take the tool like the one in the pic below, hold it at about a 30 degree angle from the work and slide it along the edge of the belt. This takes the rough edge off the inside of the belt.


This is the belt about half done. I’ve got one rivet in place to hold the stainless buckle in place and next I need to make and install the “slide” to hold the tail end of the belt once that belt is on and in place.


After the slide goes on I will add another rivet and then the belt is essentially done. Well, it is closer to being finished after I apply a coat of Aussie Wax and “slicker” the edges. That is a process where I take a plastic wheel and smooth the edges.

That’s it for now. I’ll add to this blog post once I make further progress