Making New Year’s Resolutions

Traditionally on or around the beginning of the New Year people make resolutions. They make resolutions to make changes that they’re going to make in their life to attempt to make their lives better.

Typically I do not make New Year’s resolutions because I’ve always thought of them as kind of arbitrary and well, let’s just say silly things to do.

However, this year I have actually decided to change my tradition and make myself a New Year’s resolution.

My New Year’s resolution is relatively simple, “Choose green more often than not”.


So what does it mean to say “choose green more often than not”?

To me it is a philosophy or a change in the way I live my life. For example, when I am having lunch I will choose salad – the “green option” more often than my default choice of french fries.

Another possibility to choose green, is that instead of jumping in the car and going to the grocery store I will walk or ride my bicycle more often than not. This is a choice where my individual action will make my world a little bit better.

When I meet friends or clients at my local coffee shop I will be sure to have with me and use my personal cup rather than a throw away cup.

Other possibilities could be turning the thermostat down one or 2° or whatever is practical for when I’m not home or when the household is sleeping. I can encourage people in our home to use a drying rack for clothes when practical, especially in the summer months.

These are all small, individual choices that I can make in order to choose green more often than not.

Are you making any New Year’s resolutions? Feel free to add your resolutions or thoughts on the issue in the comment section. As always comments are free and if you choose to for whatever reason you can post anonymously.