Marlondo Leather Bi-Fold Wallet Giveaway

I am pleased to announce that we have another GIVEAWAY to do!!

We have been through the giveaway routine before, however, this time there are a couple of things to be aware of. First, this giveaway is a little different because it is a giveaway of TWO Marlondo Leather bi-fold wallets.

To be clear, that means there will be two winners in this giveaway.

Marlondo Leather Bi-Fold Wallets
Marlondo Leather Bi-Fold Wallets


To enter my giveaway all you need to do is make a comment on this blog post saying which of the two bi-fold wallets you prefer (vertical or horizontal) AND a number of your choice from between one (1) and one hundred (100). 

If you want to know more about these Marlondo Leather bi-fold wallets I encourage you to visit my YouTube channel to see my review of these wallets.

On Wednesday, July 22nd 2015 shortly after 6pm PST I will use an iPad app that generates random numbers to draw TWO numbers. The person with the number closest to the first number generated (higher or lower) will be provided the choice of which of the two wallets they want.

The second number the iPad generates will be given the other of the two Marlondo Leather bi-fold wallets.

It is up to you to scan or read the comments before you choose a number to make sure you have not chosen a number that somebody has already chosen ahead of you. If two or more people enter with the same number and that number is the winning number, then the person who entered first will be declared the winner.

I will limit this contest-giveaway to one entry per email address.

This contest will close on Wednesday July 22nd 2015 at 6 PM Pacific Standard Time.

After a winner has been decided I will contact the winner through the email address that they have provided me.

The winner will be required to answer a skill-testing question.

Good luck!


    • Does this mean you’re trying to not win by posting a number that’s not between 1 and 100? LOL

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