Marlondo Leather iPad Carry Bag

My second iPad bag arrived today. Second because I made the unusual step of ordering TWO iPad bags at about the same time. The first iPad bag, my Leather Werk bag arrived last week and now today my Marlondo Leather bag has arrived.

Marlondo Leather iPad Bag
Marlondo Leather iPad Bag

My first, and my continuing impression is that this is a beautiful, very high quality leather bag.

The leather is top quality and the stitching is as perfect as it is on any bag I have owned. The hardware is top quality and the craftsmanship is superb.

I love the fact that the bag is divided into two compartments.

Two Compartments
Two Compartments

I slid my iPad into the one compartment and my small Moleskine notebook and Whipping Post bi-fold wallet into the other compartment. If I were to add a couple mobile phone/iPad chargers, and my projector connector, the bag would be full.

The fact that it is made of such top quality, full grain leather means that it has very little flex or stretch to it. From experience, I know the bag will soften up.

The divider between the two compartments is made of suede and has a fabric border across the top. The suede has a nice feel to it.

Two things I find odd about the design of this bag, first, the main compartments are lined with fabric.


To me, that is a no-no because fabric does not have nearly the life expectancy of any leather product.

The other thing I find odd about the design is that the closing flap is a separate piece of leather stitched to the bag across the back of the bag rather than being one piece of leather that goes from the bottom of the bag and up to include the flap.

Back of the Marlondo Leather Bag
Back of the Marlondo Leather Bag

Of course this in no way impacts the integrity or the strength of the bag, it just adds a seam where, in my humble opinion, none is really needed.

Superb craftsmanship and stitching, top quality leather and a suede divider, heavy-duty hardware


that would look classy on any bag by any manufacturer, this is a wonderful addition to my collection.

So why am I not totally thrilled with this bag? Because I wish it was half an inch wider! That half inch would allow my iPad (in a Saddleback Leather case) to slide in and out more freely. As it is, new out of the box, my new Marlondo iPad bag is just a shade too narrow.

I treated the new bag with a healthy dose of Fiebings Neatsfoot oil and worked that into the leather. I have left my iPad, in its case, in the the new bag to see if it will stretch to better fit.

Bottom line? For $75USD, this is a superb value and I am in love my new Marlondo Leather iPad carry bag. On the days when I only need to carry my iPad and a small notebook, this is the perfect bag (if my Neatsfoot oil treatment helps stretch the bag out a little bit more!

Disclosure; I bought and paid for my new iPad bag from Marlondo Leather with money that should have been used for groceries for my family. Marlondo provided me with no financial or other form of incentive to write this review. As always, in all my blog posts, I maintain editorial control.



  1. Nice looking bag. I like the idea of having the strap connecting to the back of the bag – makes it easier to access the contents while wearing the bag with no conflict between the strap and the top. It also lets the maker design the flap a little wider than the bag protecting the contents from the weather.
    I don’t necessarily dislike having the flap as a separate piece. From the photo, it looks like the flap is allowed to act independently from the back of the bag or the body of the bag itself. This means the contents aren’t disturbed with each opening and closing of the flap. It also allows the flap to taper outward earlier providing greater weather protection.
    I don’t have one of these, but my only criticism might be that it could use a slip pocket on the back. Other than that, it looks great.

  2. Now that I carry my iPad without the bulky SBL cover, this bag is the perfect width fit for my iPad.

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