McDonald's Fish and Chips

McDonald’s Fish and Chips

It never fails to amaze me at what I will do for my readers.

For example, three times in the last three weeks I have eaten at McDonald’s restaurants. For you. My reader. 

That’s three times more in the last three weeks than in the last 20 years!

McDonalds Seriously Chicken

My first visit back to McDonald’s was to try their Seriously Chicken burger. That was quite a positive experience.

Next I went back to McD’s to try, for the first time in a long time, the McChicken sandwich.

I’ll just say it was a terrible disappointment and I didn’t like it. Same with their fries. In the old days (when I was more of a kid) I loved McD’s fries. I thought they were the “gold standard” of fries. However, once you’ve had real potatoes cut into fries and fried right in-house, McD’s fries are … not as good.

McDonald's Fish and Chips

And then they bring out Fish and Chips and everyone is talking about it. So I have to try it. 

And McDonald’s has done it again. They have created something I enjoyed!

For about $7 a serving, they have created Fish and Chips with two strips of fish that actually taste pretty good.

McDonald's Fish and Chips

Sure the portions are not large – maybe even kind of small. Two strips of fish and a box of fries. But you know, the fish is made from real fish – not some ground up indistinguishable fish product, and it actually tastes pretty good!

McDonald's Fish and Chips

When I bit into the piece of fish I could see real flakes of fish. With real flavour. And it was good.

The pieces of fish which look sort of like chicken strips, were not oily or greasy at all. In fact they tasted like they were baked – not deep fried. Which really worked for me.

McDonald's Fish and Chips

So overall, I liked the McDonald’s Fish and Chips. It was a nice portion size, tasty fish, and actually a pretty good value especially when you compare it to a burger combo at McDs. If you decide to try it, let me know what you think of it. I liked it.

McDonald’s will have their version of Fish and Chips on the menu until mid-June.