Meat and Bread on Pender Street

Knowing how much I enjoy the corned beef sandwiches served at Big Star Sandwich in New Westminster, yesterday my colleague convinced me to try a corned beef sandwich from Meat and Bread on Pender in Vancouver. 

In short, it was an excellent lunch experience. Even though it gets very busy during the lunch “hour” they have such a slick operation that people are able to place their orders and get their sandwich without too much of a wait. 

Of course I had a corned beef sandwich. The bread was perfect. Crisp enough to offer resistance to the mouth and yet soft and pliable inside. 

The corned beef filling was also excellent. Salty enough to please the palate and yet not overwhelmingly so. The diced pickles and Dijon mustard were a perfect addition to the corned beef. 

I will return to Meat and Bread at 1033 West Pender in Vancouver and I have no hesitation in recommending them. 




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