Meat Craft; Perogies, Bacon, Sausage

I needed to make dinner for the family and a friend of the my daughters this evening and I didn’t want my reputation my dad kitchen skills to be tarnished, so what to do? Stop in to see Butcher Greg at Port Moody’s Meat Craft Urban Butchery to get perogies, bacon, chorizo sausage, and a small tub of Avalon dairy organic sour cream.

Meat Craft Bacon and Sausage
Meat Craft Bacon and Sausage

How is any kid not going to be wowed by quality perogies and bacon?

And I will drop to the bottom line right now and say that the kids – mine and their little buddy were all impressed and ate everything on their plates without any cajoling or bribery. Winning.

To begin, I get a pot of water bowling and then lower the perogies into the pot. I typically add them one by one so that they do not stick together or make a mess. I do it very quickly but I like to treat the little dumplings with respect.

Brewer's Row Bacon
Brewer’s Row Bacon

As soon as that pot is on track, I get another fry pan hot before I add in the 1″ chunks of sausage. I get them warmed up and then add in the bacon. And, I may add, the bacon is made right there at Meat Craft.

Meat Craft Bacon and Perogies
Meat Craft Bacon and Perogies

I like my bacon quite crispy so I let it cook down. I like to lift the bacon out of the fat and then drain the fat out of the pan before I put the bacon back in to get it a little more crispy. Once the bacon is ready, I use a slotted spoon to lift the perogies out of the bowling water and add them to the pan with the crispy bacon.

I give that a little shake about to get the perogies covered in bacon fat and then I let them brown just a bit.

Plated Perogies
Plated Perogies

Then it is time to plate. A dollop of that Avalon Dairy sour cream (14% for the pure decadence factor). And then we eat.

*That squishy looking orange thing? It is a failed experiment – I left the yams in the oven, wrapped in tinfoil for too long and they turned into squishy orange things with very little flavour.




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