Meeting for The Vancouver Observer contributors

This afternoon/evening I was attending a meeting of the bloggers who contribute to the Vancouver Observer. It was a pleasure to talk with other bloggers in person, rather than only meeting up online. The most amazing thing for me though was the fact that after the meeting business was taken care (how to upload using Drupal), the group of writers was invited by Linda Solomon, to go for dinner with her.

Well, those who know me know that there are some things I am particularly keen on. The first is writing. The second is food. Of course these both come a distant second and third now that I have my wee’ lil princesses at home. So instead of staying for dinner, I came home just to look at my baby girls.

And another thing today, a landmark I suppose, Story got her first toothbrush and her very own tiny tube of toothpaste. She chose the Tiger toothbrush to have her two front teeth brushed with. Can you believe that it was seven months ago that these two little bundles of joy joined us here? Makes my heart swell and lump come up in my throat to think about how beautiful they are. Sometimes I just sit beside their beds and watch them sleep. It is so amazing to witness these two marvels growing up. So beautiful.