Mega Sushi Pleases In the ‘Burbs

I have tried another sushi joint – Mega Sushi which is located in the Austin Station shopping complex on Austin and Mariner Way in Coquitlam.  After a couple of meals there I have decided to add Mega Sushi to our trusted sushi joints list.

Salmon and Tuna Combo
Salmon and Tuna Combo


The difference between Mega Sushi and so many of the sushi joints out here in the ‘burbs is that the sushi chefs at Mega treat their creations like pieces of artwork. The pieces of sushi are more bite-sized as opposed to the monsters sized slabs of salmon or tuna that so many places in the ‘burbs serve. The walloping big pieces of salmon or tuna served in some places, while perhaps “good value” for the money can be intimidating to the more sensitive palate.

Sushi Roll
Sushi Roll


Same with their sushi rolls. Sure it is cool to get a sushi roll the size of someone’s thigh, but if you want a finer sushi experience, try Mega Sushi. Overall, their rolls are very tasty and very well constructed. Tightly rolled and attractively presented, I have enjoyed each of the rolls I have tried at Mega Sushi although they sometimes do add a bit more sauce (as in the picture above) than I prefer.

Another thing, many of their specialty rolls arrive at the table covered in crispy bits of deep fried yam shavings. Tasty and all but it does tend to hide the beautiful roll that is under the crispy bits.

On my second visit to Mega Sushi I had my little ones along with me. I was impressed with the way that the staff welcomed little sushi connoisseurs to the restaurant. After all, today’s children are their future customers.

The server brought out cute little plates for my kidlets that simply thrilled them.

Children's Plate
Children’s Plate

Little touches like special plates for kids or a couple slices of a roll they are developing made me feel very welcome and appreciated. On my first visit they brought a plate to our table with two pieces of an Ebi Roll they are working on. They presented it to us to hear our thoughts on the taste combinations – they were excellent!

Ebi Sushi Roll
Ebi Sushi Roll

I have been to Mega Sushi three times now and each time I have been impressed. This is definitely a place that deserves to be on our “Trusted Sushi Joint” list. Feel free to try it and let me know if your experiences match mine.
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