Megabite Pizza Hits the Right Flavour Note

Whenever I am traveling via Skytrain to downtown Vancouver I make a point of stopping at the Megabite Pizza joint in the Broadway Station to grab a slice or two of pizza.

Mega Bite
Mega Bite

Not only is it usually very fresh pizza, there is always a wide and eclectic variety of pizzas to choose a slice or two from. The Broadway Station Megabite is also a great place for people watching.

Today I had a serious craving for pizza and to satisfy that craving I stopped into the Megabite on Production Way (right near the Production Way SKytrain Station).

Although the Production Way Megabite does not have nearly the variety of pizzas ready to go as the Broadway Station location has, and the people watching is pretty suburban compared to Broadway and Commercial, I did manage to get two slices of pie.

They had just pulled a combo pie, beef and blue cheese (the one in the pic with the white dressing drizzled over it) and a spicy peppers and chicken pizza from the oven when I walked into the joint.

Mega Bite Crust
Mega Bite Crust

Both slices were top quality. The blue cheese added a nice flavour hit without being overpowering and the beef was not greasy at all. I actually, prefer veggie pizza because I find that meat pizza tends to be greasier than veggie. This was not the case here today; no greasy pizza.

The spicy peppers and chicken pizza was also top notch flavours. The chunks of chicken had a firm texture as they met my teeth. The peppers had a long-after bite into them after-burn in the mouth. Delicious.

The two slices I had today cost me $4.50.

You know I will be returning.

Megabite Pizza places are everywhere. If you do try it, let me know what you think of it.







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