Men’s Night Out…Where to from here?

Every year about this time,or sometime before Christmas, I organize my Annual Men’s Night Dinner. It is a night of fine single malt scotch, cigars and brotherhood. Even more importantly, my Men’s Night Dinner is the dinner where I put aside my vegetarian ways and go for the carnivore special.

Last year we went to the Q Steakhouse in Abbotsford. We were expecting one of our big eaters to join us and chow down on the Q’s 72 ounce steak dinner but our friend cancelled. At any rate, we had a great dinner and I enjoyed the 16 ounce rib-eye.

So this year, where shall we go? I have been considering the Memphis Blues Barbecue House. Their Elvis Platter looks tempting…and I have also been considering the Kansas City Barbecue Shack that is in a bowling alley on Lougheed Hwy in Burnaby. This place intrigues me just because it is in a bowling alley. Oddly enough, I could not find a webpage for them to have a look at. And on the Dine Here restaurant site nobody has reviewed the Kansas City Barbecue House. Intriguing.

My question then is, do you have a House of Carnivore specials that you would recommend? Other than the Brazilian place downtown Vancouver. I went there last year with a large group and was not impressed. I had the non-meat meal but watching what my dinner companions were eating did not impress me. Sure it was good, just not great enough to make me want to try again.

So over to you, where should we have our men’s night out this year? Feel free to post your comments here. As you may have noticed, comments are no longer moderated so you do not have to tell me your super-secret email address. I would rather have you post your comments than email me…just easier.

So where is dinner going to be this year?





3 responses to “Men’s Night Out…Where to from here?”

  1. Tiger Avatar

    Me & my buds go to McManus Ranch in Abby and choose a cow in May. They fatten it up, butcher it, and throw it on the barby in August. That’s the only way to get real meat.

  2. kelsey Avatar

    The Kansas Shack is… Meh. We went there one night after a few hours a bowling and were…well it was okay.

  3. Tanya Smith Avatar
    Tanya Smith

    A BIG vote for Memphis Blues Barbeque! (And an even bigger vote for you bringing some back for me!!)