Mercedes Serenity; the Perfect Family Vehicle

I found what I thought was the perfect family vehicle. It was sooo close to being perfect.

Mercedes Serenity
Mercedes Serenity


Introducing the Mercedes Serenity. Yes, almost the perfect family vehicle.

I was returning home from a day at Barbecue on the By-Pass when I spotted this vehicle. The “ding” went off in my head and I wheeled into the lot.

I met Jonn Johnson, the Sales Department Guy when I walked in. However there was no need for “sales”. I saw this unit from the street and knew it was the one.

Once I heard the name of the unit I was competely sold, the Mercedes Serenity. Yes, “Serenity now” could be mine. Forever.

All I wanted to do was have a look inside and take it for a quick test drive and I was looking to be driving home in this new beastie.

Interior of Serenity
Interior of Serenity

So Jonn opened the doors to Serenity and here is the view. An expansive interior with a galley; how cool is it to say, “I will be in the galley, Sweetheart.” Does it get any better? Corian countertops, a propane stove top with that smooth top, a sink and a beauty of a fridge. Dang.


Travel further to the rear of the vehicle and there is the wash centre.

Serenity Toilet Facilities
Serenity Toilet Facilities



Full size toilet that would easily fit the Dora the Explorer toilet seat the kids love to pee on. A spacious shower for the evening scrubbing. Beauty.


Looks perfect inside. Cooking facilities to make lunches if we are out on the road on the weekend. A fridge so that if we go out for sushi we have somewhere to put the leftovers so we will know they are still safe to eat the next day.

Spacious couches to relax on. The bed in the rear of the unit would be a super convenient place to change a diaper. Wow.

Test drive time.

Driving the Serenity
Driving the Serenity


I jumped behind the wheel and almost peed myself with joy. Virtually every other car I get into I bash my head into the door frame. It is just a fact of life when you are 6’8″ you bash into doorways. Not in the Serenity. Look at that headroom! Bliss. Serenity.

Powered by a 3 litre V6 CDI diesel with a Mercedes 5 speed automatic transmission, this thing has power to spare and burns half the fuel that a comparable sized gasoline powered RV would.

Inside the unit is every convenience you can think of. Generators to run the electrical toys if you are roughing it out in the wilderness, canopies to provide shade at the entrances, air conditioning for in the cab and in the dining, sleeping and toilet rooms. This thing is loaded.

And being a Mercedes, you know it is well-constructed. The roof is one seamless piece of fibreglass so there is no chance of leakage. All this and more. So much more.

So why am I still driving a Ford Focus with a dent in the side? One reason and one reason only; the height of the Mercedes Serenity is 9′ 7″. The parking lot at my office only allows 6′ 9″. That was the deal breaker.

However, if this unit has what you want/need, call Jonn Johnson at Candan RV Center and he will happily write the deal up for you. Be sure to bring a cheque with you for $132,800.

Disclosure; this review is based on my personal opinion. I did not receive any form of compensation from Candan RV Center or anybody else for writing this review.



  1. Suh-weet! But dang, my first house cost less than that…and a 6’9″ clearance? Dude, you barely meet the height requirement! Where they got you parkin? In the crawlspace under the porch?!?

  2. I am pretty sure I could find Serenity in that.

    How many can you pile in there for a drive up to Queen’s Park Arena? Maybe we need the school to purchase it. Someone would have to take it home on the weekend – you wouldn’t want to leave it on the street! (We could set up a rotating schedule!)

  3. It only sleeps and seats FOUR. Seems larger but there are only four seatbelts inside and beds for 4 people.

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