Mexican Lasagna Recipe

This morning I posted a comment in the About page asking for contributions to this blog and not even two hours later, there in my inbox is a recipe from Carla for Mexican Lasagna.

Carla says this a great dish for taking to go. If you have been invited to a potluck lunch or dinner, make this dish the day before, let it rest overnight and enjoy at the potluck the next day.

Mexican Lasagna
Mexican Lasagna

Seeing as she sent me a link to Nigella Lawson’s page, I am excerpting here a snippet of Nigella’s page. You can visit Nigella’s page to see the rest of this delicious recipe.

This is a shorthand for Mexican-inspired ingredients piled up in lasagna-like fashion. In place of pasta layers, there are soft tortillas and in between them a riotous assembly of tomato, red pepper, onion, chilli, corn and cheese. You can see from the picture how snug the “lasagna” is in its dish. If you can totter towards the oven without spilling it, you’re halfway there; but I advise you to put a baking sheet or swiss roll tin in the oven as you preheat to catch any drips that might fall later.  And talking of later, one of the joys of this is that it reheats, by the slice, so wonderfully on the days that follow. So do think about cooking this even when you don’t have so many to feed first time around.

Nigella Lawson’s Mexican Lasagne.