Minami Sushi Yaletown


My favourite from the first course was the scallop. A flavour explosion of creamy, seafood goodness.

As well, this tiny sprig of sea cucumber was wild. All these flavours happening at once! 

The most popular sushi at Minami is this salmon with their secret sauce and a paper thin jalapeño pepper with a hearty grind of black pepper. 

The second course was the sablefish with a wasabi-pea panko crust. The sablefish flaked into individual pieces absolutely perfectly. Nicely marinated. 

The single tiger prawn tortellini had a strong flavour that I enjoyed.

As a follow up to my second course I had a Yaletown Roll – spicy tuna, asparagus, wasabi pickles, all wrapped in hamachi and shiso with a spicy jalapeño sauce.

Tiny layers of flavour create an entirety of complex flavours.   
Being the professional I am, I also ordered the Red Wave Roll. 

That is like a California roll in the first class section of the flight. Crab and avocado wrapped in red tuna. 

It is so amazing how the simplest thing like the rice can make such a difference in the taste and the mouth feel of sushi. I’m ruined!