More on Coquitlam’s New Waste Collection System

After visiting the Coquitlam waste management tent at the Canada Day celebrations yesterday I learned a couple of new things about the new waste collection system being implemented in Coquitlam, BC.

First, you cannot put cat litter or dog waste (poop) into the green bins. No way, no how.

So I asked, what are people supposed to do with their dog waste? The answer – take it in your house and flush it down the toilet. Yep.

Also, diapers, including baby and adult diapers do not go into the green bin. They can still go into the garbage bin. After you scrape the waste out of them into the toilet.

And finally, if you live on a really busy street like Austin, Como Lake or Mariner Way, although it says to place the green or garbage bin on the street against the curb, I am going ahead and using my discretion and placing my bins on the sidewalk right at the street edge of the sidewalk.